What happened after Day 2

Everyone is probably wondering what happened to you me after day 2, did I quit so soon? Well I became very sick with Flu and a chest infection I basically stopped eating for a few days just drank water. I am all better now but really giving up carbs are so haaaaaarrrd. I think for… Continue reading What happened after Day 2

Day 2

Breakfast Cheddar cheese on Banting bread and a cup of black coffee with a spoon of butter. I read it has lots of health benefits http://www.naturallivingideas.com/add-butter-to-coffee/ Dinner: I had an idea to make stirfry but then realized I don't have stir fry veggies only mix veg, which isn't Exactly Banting friendly because it contains corn… Continue reading Day 2

The beginning

My diet officially starts tomorrow 1st July, but I started the Low carb eating 2 days ago so I will post what I ate and by the Day 7, I will put up a shopping list if anyone wants to follow along the next week. Today because I am still fasting it was a bit… Continue reading The beginning

Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle or just get Rid of that Muffin top

LCHF is new Lifestyle change from 1st July 2017 which i will be adopting, if you have ever wanted to rid yourself of some belly fat or that muffin top or just adopt a new clean eating lifestyle to be more energetic then join me on this Journey. This is not like the regular diets… Continue reading Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle or just get Rid of that Muffin top